When buying a used semi truck for your business or your personal hauling needs, you want to save money first and foremost, but you should also look into a few other factors to help aide in your purchasing decision. Not all used freightliner trucks are alike, nor are the sellers who provide them to new owners.

When you buy a used freightliner, you still invest a large sum of money even though you aren't buying the vehicle new. Here are things to look for and consider when buying used semi trucks. This will help you weed out the ones you should stay away from, so you can stick to only quality units you can rely on long after you make your last payment.


Mileage is a big deal when it comes to semi trucks. After all, most semi trucks see many miles of use before they are sold to a new owner. When buying a used freightliner, you aren't going to find many models that have very low miles, but you should still keep mileage in mind when buying this type of equipment. The fewer miles a semi has on it, the fewer mechanical issues the vehicle may have.

When you look at a freightliner with very low miles, ask the seller why. Was the freightliner put in storage? Is the unit equipped with a new engine, and if so, why did the other engine fail? These questions will help you determine if you are getting a good freightliner or not. If you buy a freightliner with high miles on it, make sure the transmission and other components are in good condition or fairly new so you have a unit you can rely on.


Every seller will have a different value for the freightliners they carry, but not all sellers are fair with their pricing. Compare the prices for used semis in your area based on condition, year, model, and other factors, then negotiate these prices with the seller to see if you can find price points for used freightliners you are comfortable with. A reputable dealer especially will be flexible in meeting your needs while offering a fair asking price for their used semis and trucking equipment.

Buying a used semi truck can save you money, but you still need to shop smart to get a unit that works well for you. Have a mechanic inspect any semi you want to buy, or ask the dealer if they will have their mechanic walk you through the engine of the freightliner you are looking at.