A bucket truck has many complex mechanical components and parts, such as the hydraulic boom, truck wheel chock, and pole puller with base and chain. Because you are purchasing a used truck, you need to ensure you know where to find mechanical components and parts in case something goes wrong. To help you, below three tips to locate the parts so you will be ready if something does go wrong.

Local Sources

The ability to obtain these parts depends on the make and model of your bucket truck. For example, if you have a popular model, you will likely be able to find the parts you need at a local source near you. For example, you could purchase them straight from the manufacturer. If your truck is not a popular model, however, you would likely not be able to find the mechanical components and parts.

If you are not sure if your boom truck is a popular model, do some research. You could also contact a truck equipment and parts company to find this information.

Non-Original Equipment Manufacturer

Because you are purchasing a used bucket truck, replacement parts and mechanical components may no longer be available. Because of this, you could try to find a non-original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to find the parts you need.

You can do a search on the Internet to see if you can find non-OEM parts. It may take time to find what you need, but if you keep looking, you may get lucky.

Scrap Yard

You may be able to find bucket truck parts at a scrap yard near you. These parts are likely sold at a much lower price when compared to other sources, especially if you purchase new parts. It can be difficult to find mechanical components for the make and model of truck you have, however. It is still worth looking as you never know what you will find.

If you do happen to find the part or mechanical component at a scrap yard, contact a mechanic that has experience working on bucket trucks. They can come to the scrap yard and remove the part, inspect it to ensure it is in good condition, and see if the part could be repaired if there is something wrong with it.

The truck equipment and parts company that you contact will be able to give you more information. Even if they do not offer the parts you need, they may still try to help you locate parts. This is because you may come back to this company when you need parts for other trucks because they were so helpful for you.