A 4-wheel drive dune buggy that is fuel-injected can provide you with the ability to venture out and explore the shoreline in depth, while enjoying the air on your face and the sweet scent of the ocean breeze. Although this may sound like the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon, you should always prepare yourself in the event that your vehicle gets stuck in sand or muddy conditions.

Pack Supplies That Are Needed

A tow bar, shovel, walkie-talkie, gravel, and gloves are some basic necessities that can get you out of a jam. Do not choose a tow strap or any other type of device that contains stretchy material because if you find yourself stuck and attempt to pull your dune buggy out with a fabric towing device, the material could break if too much force is exerted.

Be aware that you should refrain from driving your dune buggy through deep water, muddy areas, or across land that contains large rocks because damage could occur to your vehicle's tires. If you have a waterproof gear bag, fill it with the items that you wish to bring along with you and use a bungee cord or rope to secure the bag to the back end of your vehicle. 

Never Explore Unpopulated Areas Alone

Although it may be tempting to ride your dune buggy across unchartered areas, it won't be such a satisfying thing if you were to break down and couldn't contact anyone for assistance. Try to stick to areas that are designated for off road vehicles and only drive your dune buggy into unpopulated areas if you are going to be traveling in a group with other riders.

Being with others will reduce panic associated with getting stuck and you will have help with getting your vehicle freed up. It will also be more fun to ride with other people, since you can all experience the adventure together and reflect upon it at a later time. 

Take Your Time To Assess And Resolve The Problem

If your dune buggy gets stuck and the vehicle's wheels start spinning, remove your foot from the accelerator immediately. Trying to give the vehicle more gas will not resolve the problem and you may find that the wheels sink further and further into the ground. Turn off your vehicle and assess the situation. If there are any foreign objects in front of the tires, use your shovel to remove them.

Dig a clear path in front and behind the vehicle and choose to drive forward or in reverse. If this doesn't work, place a layer of gravel next to the tires, to increase traction or have one of your friends assist you with towing your dune buggy back onto level ground. Contact a service, like R & R Towing, if you need more help.