As you gain experience as a vehicle owner and driver, you will start to notice the features that you like and dislike in cars. For instance, your vehicle may be somewhat difficult to park for various reasons, which may be a huge con based on what you do with your car regularly.

If you want to drive a vehicle that is easy to park, you should prioritize certain features when you begin shopping around at local dealerships.

Rear View Camera

When you are willing to buy a new enough car, you will start to find models that come with rear view cameras. This is an excellent feature because it shows what is behind you in detail. So, instead of having to relying on turning around and using your own visual perception to determine another car's location, you can utilize the rear view camera to assist with parallel parking.

If your normal routine often requires parallel parking, you should not hesitate to demand this feature because it will give you so much peace of mind in tough parking situations.

Side Mirrors

While parking in tight spaces, you may feel comfortable with fitting into narrow spots where there may only be a small gap on both the driver and passenger side. Getting out of the car may be a challenge, but something that you can handle comfortably. However, you may worry about the possibility of your side mirrors getting damaged from others trying to fit in these spaces.

To avoid worrying about your car after parking, you should search for vehicles with foldable side mirrors because folding them will prevent them from sticking out and being in danger.


Another detail to analyze while car shopping is the length of the vehicle that you buy. A lengthy vehicle makes it more difficult to parallel park because you need to find a lot of open space. If you want to drive around busy areas and find small openings where you can park your vehicle, you should take the time to look through your favorite models and prioritize the short ones.


Along with the length of a car making a difference with parking, you will also find that width matters. When attempting to park in a parking lot where a vehicle is on each side, the width of your car will determine whether you are able to park and get out comfortably. This is another situation in which opting for narrow vehicles will provide you with easier parking situations.

Demanding certain features while car shopping will help you become a satisfied vehicle owner. Contact a service, like Car Craft Auto Sales, Inc., for more help.