Your car's paint job does not perform any sort of function associated with the operation of your engine, but it is still an important part of your vehicle. Just like all other components of your car, your paint job can begin to degrade over time: fortunately, it can be easily and quickly repainted. Understanding some of the benefits associated with having your car repainted can help you determine if you should contact a body shop today to schedule an appointment.

Aesthetic Appeal

The most obvious reason why you may want to consider having your vehicle painted is to update the appearance. Older paint jobs can look worn, due to a combination of minor dings and scratches, UV radiation, and general age.  Applying a new coat of paint allows you to choose an entirely new color, which can completely alter the appearance of your vehicle, and can cover up or remove areas that have been damaged in the past. Further, choosing to have your vehicle painted means that you can choose from a range of different colors, and are not limited to the factory paint job options that your vehicle first came with.

Rust Protection

A more practical reason to consider having a new coat of paint applied to your vehicle is to protect it from rust damage. Chipped or flaking paint can expose the metal underbody of your car, which can then be susceptible to rust and corrosion damage as it is exposed to air and moisture. Given enough time, rust can quickly cause structural damage to your vehicle that can spread over time—and which can be quite expensive and complex to fix. Applying a new coat of paint will cover up those areas that provide a potential source for rust to take hold, and is quite a bit cheaper to have applied than trying to repair significant amounts of rust damage.

Increased Value

Finally, the last reason why you may want to consider repainting your car is if you are planning on selling your vehicle and replacing it with a new one. A new paint job can increase the value of your vehicle by providing overall rust protection as already mentioned, by increasing the visual appeal of your car, and also by indicating to potential buyers that you've taken care of it. All of these reasons can increase the overall curb appeal of your car and encourage potential buyers to offer a higher price. 

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