When you have to get your car towed, there are a few things you need to do before the tow truck even gets there. You know you have to call for a tow truck, but did you know there are other things you have to complete as part of the towing service? Here are things you need to do to make your towing adventure a true success.

Call your car insurance company

One of the first things you need to do is call your car insurance company. They need to know that your car is on the side of the road and that you're in need of assistance so they can help you get a tow truck if you haven't called on already and can help keep tabs on you to ensure your towing service arrives safely.

Call the local authorities

You want to call the local police station to let them know that you are on the side of the road and awaiting a tow truck. This way, people passing by don't call the police and put them on heavy alert of your situation since you've already let them know. If you are in serious danger or need help being pushed off the road, you should call the police before you call your insurance agent for assistance or medical care.

Make your car noticeable

You want to make your vehicle as noticeable to people passing by as possible. This can be done by turning on your hazard lights, putting a brightly colored blanket outside your window, putting your car hood up, or blazing your horn if people are driving too close to where you are. If it's dark out, leave interior lights on inside your vehicle.

You want to remain visible not just to the cars passing by so you don't accidentally get struck, but to the towing service as well. You want your vehicle to be easily seen so when your towing service arrives to your aide, they can find you quickly and easily.

Stay with your vehicle

You should stay with your car until the tow truck gets there unless it's absolutely unsafe for you to do so. You want to stay with your car because your towing service person will want to get information from you regarding vehicle ownership and they will also be able to give you a ride to your home or the nearest mechanic. Let your insurance company know when your tow truck has arrived to your aide.

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